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Laser Engraving and Laser Engraved Jewelry in Morgantown

West Virginia's Premier Jewelry Store Now Offers Laser jewelry, Engraving jewelry and other types of Laser Engraving

Laser marking and engraving of precious metal alloys for our fine jewelry clients offers a permanent and versatile way to customize rings, bracelets, nameplate necklaces, coins, wedding bands, pendants, and religious jewelry. 


At the Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Store, we have the ability to engrave, color, mark, and cut on a variety of materials in 2D, 2.5D as well as 3D, and on different types of surfaces including, flat, cylindrical, curved, or complex.


Function and Advantages of Laser Technology

Design Possibilities Are Endless

  • With a laser machine, almost any design may be created.

  • Even 1-point letters and the tiniest geometries are readable.

  • There is complete creative control when designing insignia, logos, graphics, or patterns.

  • Even photos can be applied in as little time as feasible.

  • Laser software programs allow you to laser mark directly from a graphics program, making it as simple as printing.


Maximum Adaptability

  • If you want to personalize things or picture engrave decorations, laser marking and laser engraving bring up a world of design options for our clients

  • With a single laser machine, we can laser engrave gold (gold engraving), as well as bracelets, necklaces, and rings made of various materials.



Type of Laser Technology


Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Our 3D laser engraving is the most recent technology on the market among the ways available. This method is the simplest, delivers the best results, and takes the shortest time to complete. 

Laser engraving is a fantastic method of creating unique and personal jewelry. Each piece will be adorned with an engraved design customized to reflect the wearer’s personality. Laser engraving is a fantastic method to add a personal touch to Jewelry, and it can be done on a variety of different types of Jewelry.




Capturing anything from a family members’ fingerprint, a baby's footprint to a pet's pawprint, or engraving an old photo can be done on items ranging from sterling silver key rings to gold and diamond necklaces. We can etch images, photographs and anything that is requested.  We proudly produce all of our fine jewelry locally – made in the USA!  Everything is hand made inside of Spencer and Kuehn’s Fine Jewelry Studio in Morgantown, West Virginia. 


  • Laser Jewelry Creation and Manufacturing
    Our artisans use a combination of the most advanced manufacturing processes combined with old world craftsmanship to create unique laser jewelry designs to fit any budget.

  • Precious Metals and Materials
    We only work with precious metals and gemstones of the absolute highest quality and we try to use as many eco-friendly sources as possible.

Exclusive Design Process

Our professional designers will use our exclusive process to capture incredible detail, even from some of most smudged and blurred prints and/or photos!

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