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Bespoke Jewelry Design

We create new, original and custom handmade jewelry designs by our in-house GIA gemologist and goldsmiths, for people all over West Virginia and beyond!

Designing & Servicing Fine Jewelry In Our Community For Over 40 Years

GIA Gemologist, Artisans, Goldsmiths, Custom Jewelry + Gold Buying, Restoration & Repairs

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Why start with a designer?

Getting a custom design right the first time can be tricky.

We create new, original designs every day for people all over West Virginia and beyond. Our designers specialize in knowing what's possible and suggesting innovative customization options.

Design with the best of Morgantown.

At Spencer and Kuehn, you work directly with the artist that makes the ring. Katherine Spencer has been designing and creating jewelry since 1999. John Kuehn has been designing jewelry for over 40 years. Charlotte Levinson, J.T. McCay, and Jamie Holton are all designers and jewelers on staff who all come with their own design aesthetic!

We can help you design to fit your budget.

We do a LOT of bespoke and custom... it's our focus and our passion. To do this, we have learned ways to make each design fit the proposed budget. 



It's often assumed that custom jewelry costs more than mass produced. However, by doing all our work in-house and selling direct to our clients, our bespoke custom pieces are often less expensive that branded designer lines.

How can we do this?

Most fine jewelry is designed in one place, cast in another, then sent to a 3rd or even 4th location to be finished. That’s a lot of middlemen! With all our work done on-site in our Morgantown studio, we keep our costs down and pass the savings to you.

Use your own gold, diamonds, and gemstones

We believe in sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and sentimentality. What that means for you is being able use gold that you already have to melt down and reuse in your new bespoke custom piece of jewelry. Contact us to learn more.

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Spencer and Kuehn Owners

We work together as a team.

Each piece of jewelry is the product of not one, but all of us as artists working together. Our process is very transparent. You work directly with the entire team, from sketch to final polish. Working with artists and craftsmen directly is the best way to nuance all the elements of your design and ensure the absolute best quality.


We make each piece from scratch.

Most 'designers' and 'jewelers' outsource most or all of their production. As the makers, we refine each design beginning with the sketch and during each step of the process - we wouldn’t dream of having someone else start or finish a piece with our name on it. The fact is, it’s increasingly rare to interact with a jewelry studio like Spencer and Kuehn. The old-world skills of hand made fine wire filigree & hand engraving have increasingly been replaced by more 'efficient' modern techniques, yet hand done work is obvious and cannot be matched by cast in place substitutes.


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