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in-house jewelry Appraisals

WHY APPRAISE YOUR JEWELRY? We offer fine jewelry appraisal service in-house via our goldsmiths, artisans & GIA gemologist!

John Kuehn at his microscope

There are various reasons why you may need a jewelry appraisal. If you are like many people, you might just be curious and want a general idea of the value of an item you own. If so, a Spencer and Kuehn consultant can usually advise you on the approximate value of your item. This consultation is a simple estimate to satisfy your curiosity and give you an approximate value of a jewelry item. We do this while you wait as free service for our clients.

In other cases, you may need more than a verbal over the counter jewelry appraisal. A verbal appraisal will not provide you with the valid documents needed for insurance purposes. If you have valuable jewelry, you will want to protect it. A common way to protect yourself is to insure your jewelry under your homeowners' or renters' policy. Many policies have a provision to cover a portion of your jewelry, but in order to attain full coverage, it might be necessary to add a rider to your policy. Some people choose to insure their jewelry separately through companies that specialize in jewelry insurance, like Jeweler's Mutual. Either way, most insurance companies require that a reputable appraiser provide a detailed, itemized appraisal of the jewelry to be insured.


It is a good idea to check with your insurance company about rates, deductibles, and exclusions, because they vary. Many insurance companies like to replace lost or stolen items through their own sources, rather than reimburse you with cash. It is important that your jewelry appraisal lists enough detail about your jewelry to ensure that you receive a suitable replacement in the event of a loss.

Book Your Appraisal Today with a GIA-Certified Expert

In-House Jewelry Appraisals & Gold Buying

Schedule an appointment with our GIA expert John Kuehn, or Katherine Spencer, for comprehensive in-house jewelry appraisals and gold buying services. Our skilled team will assess the current condition of your items and provide accurate updates. If you're interested in selling gold, please indicate it in the comments section while booking. Rest assured, your precious jewelry will be in trusted hands.

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Appraisal Types


This is an in-person verbal estimate with a qualified Spencer and Kuehn consultant. This service is best if you have multiple pieces of jewelry, like an inherited estate, and you want to understand an overall worth, without the obligation of an official written appraisal. Your consultant will sit with you and identify each piece of jewelry with you. This walk-in service is typically available on weekdays, from the time Spencer and Kuehn opens to about an hour before closing. We can also make an offer to buy your gold for cash or store credit.


This is a formal written jewelry appraisal performed by one of Spencer and Kuehn’s Gemologists. This may be required by your insurance company, or simply to satisfy your own curiosity. It represents the current market value / cost to replace your jewelry. The appraisal process itself is completed at an hourly rate in-house. Your jewelry never has to leave our store.

Upon request, all fine jewelry created at Spencer and Kuehn may include a written appraisal. If this is something of interest to you, let your representative know upon placing any jewelry order with us.

Appraisal Updates

Every few years insurance may require that you update the appraisals they have on file to reflect current market value. At Spencer and Kuehn, Appraisal Updates are available for a small fee on jewelry purchased from us, in addition to any jewelry you have had appraised by us in the past. To get started, just bring in your jewelry so we can assess the current condition of your items and update accordingly.

John Kuehn at his desk

S&K Credentials

John P. Kuehn, co-founder of Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio, heads up our Appraisal Department. John has his Gemologist credentials from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has been preparing appraisals since 1977. In addition to his credentials as an appraiser, John’s activities as a buyer of diamonds and gemstones and exposure to antique jewelry gives him enhanced knowledge of period jewelry values.


If you need an accurate valid appraisal of jewelry for insurance purposes, our gemologist can assist you with jewelry appraisals and gem identification. Appraisals are done in-house. We maintain a secure database to ensure that any appraisals you may have can be easily updated in the future by simply allowing us to view the jewelry to confirm its condition and existence.


In order for us to appraise fine jewelry, it is necessary to bring it to us at Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio in Morgantown, WV.  Our staff will itemize the pieces and pre-establish general information about the materials of your precious jewelry in order to create a receipt of what you will be entrusting to us. We will also help you sort through your jewelry to determine which items are most important to insure. An estimate of cost for the appraisal will be calculated at the time of drop-off.


Once prepared, your valuables will be secured in our safe until the diamonds and gemstones are analyzed, metal is tested, provenance is established, descriptions are written, and values are assigned. During the jewelry appraisal process your items will undergo inspection and jewelry cleaning upon request by our jewelers in our shop. The completed document will satisfy the needs of your insurance company and will be kept in our system for future simple updates as necessary.

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