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S&K Wedding Band Collection

Looking at Wedding Bands? Embrace Unique: Choose a custom jewelry design from the Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio Custom Goldsmith Wedding Band Collection

Do you have jewelry sitting in a box you never wear since it's outdated or no longer appropriate for your fashion style?

Did you have Wedding Bands passed down to you that you would love to make your own?


Spencer and Kuehn can repurpose your inherited, sentimental, or worn out jewelry into beautiful new Wedding Bands you will cherish forever. Reuse your old gold and diamonds to create your ideal wedding band. It’s an exciting way to honor the past, giving the gold and gemstones new life and new meaning. A magical element prevails when you incorporate loved one’s jewelry into your own.

  • Repurpose cherished family pieces that have been passed down to create an engagement ring or wedding bands for the next generation.

  • Celebrate an anniversary by redesigning your original wedding band set to suit your present taste and lifestyle.

  • Repurpose your wedding set after divorce or loss of a partner or spouse. Once you feel ready, wearing your new right hand ring can signify and create closure while honoring the past.


Meaningful jewelry

It’s such an honor to participate in the important stages of your life. Hearing your stories and being part your significant events is what makes our work at Spencer and Kuehn meaningful. Heirloom jewelry often carries precious memories and emotions. We will treat your jewelry with the utmost respect and care.


When you are ready to discuss design possibilities, come see us at our Morgantown location, or send images attached in our custom design form!

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