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Permanent Jewelry

Exclusively at Spencer and Kuehn

EMBRACE UNIQUE: Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio
- Now offering in-house customized permanent fine jewelry!
professionally welding a permanent bracelet for permanent jewelry in Morgantown West Virginia USA
A custom fit, solid gold or silver chain, welded around the wrist, ankle or neck. No clasp means no maintenance and you never have to take it off.

We have a variety of chains and metals to choose from.


We are the FIRST place in Morgantown, WV to offer this service.

Pricing starts at just $45 plus tax and varies with jewelry style and chain type.

Schedule Today!

Have questions?

Give us a call at 304-296-9669 if you have any questions about your permanent jewelry experience with us today!

Permanent Jewelry
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have charms I can add to my permanent Jewelry?

Yes. We have charms in 14k and sterling silver. You can also order ahead of you appointment to ensure we have exactly what you're looking to add. See our selection of links, dangles, charms, gemstones, and necklace centers.


YES, you may book appointments for friends! 
Each person must have their own app


Do you accept Walk-ins?
All welding is done by appointment only. We do not accept walk-ins at this time. Contact us to set up an appointment.



Does it hurt at all?
Nope, it does not! Your chain is custom fit to your wrist, ankle or neck, with the last link permanently welded shut. This process is completely pain free, and no clasp means no hassle! 



Can I wear my bracelet in the water?
YES! Our artisans use the finest metals and jewelry pieces. The gold, gold-fill or sterling silver chains means your bracelet can be taken on all your adventures. 



How much does it cost?

Price varies with style and these prices do not include tax.

Anklets and Necklaces are priced per inch and start at $5 per inch:

o   Silver and Gold Fill Starting Price: $45

o   14k Gold Starting Price: $90



What is Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated Chain?
We use gold fill chain as an inexpensive option to solid 14k or 10k yellow gold. Gold fill metal is very different from gold plated chain. Gold fill chain will keep its color and finish where gold plated jewelry will show the plating rub off over time. Read more about the differences HERE.


What if I need to remove my bracelet?
No sweat! The chain can be cut with a pair of kitchen scissors or nail clippers at any time, but please note, this action cannot be undone. If possible, try to cut the chain at the original place of the weld. 



What if it breaks or stretches?
If your chain breaks or stretches in the first two weeks of your welding appointment, we will replace or re-weld the chain free of charge. After this period of time, there is a $25 re-welding fee. This fee includes if the bracelet was voluntarily cut off.

Send your questions via contacting or message us via Instagram at @SpencerandKuehn. 


Please Note: Re-welding appointments will take priority during the next any pop-up events. 


My silver chain has tarnished, what do I do?
If your sterling silver chain is exposed to sulphur (present in some water sources) or other chemicals, it may tarnish. You can brighten your chain by using a soft polishing cloth. We recommend Sunshine Polishing clothes. If you need further assistance, contact Spencer and Kuehn directly and we can polish it for you!



What if I need an MRI or surgery?
If an MRI or a medical procedure is needed where you must remove your Permanent Jewelry, simply cut the chain with kitchen scissors or nail clippers, near the ending ring. Keep your chain to be re-welded!



Can I travel with my permanent jewelry?
Yes, precious metal jewelry does not need to be removed when going through Airport security or when passing through metal detectors. 



Is there an age requirement?
You must be 12 years or older. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.



Can I get a Necklace or Anklet?
Yes! We are now welding bracelets, anklets, rings, and necklaces.


My chain fell off and I lost it. What now?
Unfortunately, lost chains are not replaced by Spencer and Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio.  A new chain must be purchased. 



Can I schedule a personal appointment with you?
All permanent jewelry appointments must be scheduled during open hours, you can schedule by calling the store at 304-296-9669.

Refunds and Exchanges

We want you to be happy with your jewelry and we will do our best to meet your expectations. If you are not happy with your item, please let us know how we can remedy the situation.  Special orders may be returned within 7 days of purchase for store credit only. QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP IS GUARANTEED. Though we hope it will not be necessary, if your piece needs to be repaired due to faulty workmanship, we certainly will repair it free of charge. In the event that your piece requires repair due to normal wear, we will repair it at minimal cost.

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