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Sell or Recycle: We Buy Your Gold Jewelry & Precious Metals in Morgantown, West Virginia

Are you looking to sell or recycle your gold jewelry and precious metals in Morgantown, West Virginia? At Spencer and Kuehn, we offer comprehensive services for those looking to part ways with their gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium jewelry, and scrap. Whether your items are new, used, or broken, off brands or designer brands, we will buy them!

Our services cover a wide range of items including necklaces, anklets, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, luxury and designer brands, scrap gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, dental gold, and gold and silver coins. We also buy some foreign and all domestic gold and silver coins in any condition.

In addition to metals, we also have a network of buyers ready to purchase your diamonds and gems in any condition, size, color, clarity, and cut. This includes diamond jewelry, jewelry with gems, loose diamonds, and all cut, color, clarity, and carat variations.

But why simply sell your gold and gemstones when you can do more with them? At Spencer and Kuehn, we encourage you to recycle your old gold, diamonds, and gemstones by repurposing them into beautiful new bespoke jewelry that you will love to wear. This allows you to breathe new life into old jewelry, honoring the past while giving the gold and gemstones new meaning and significance.

You can repurpose cherished family pieces to create engagement rings or wedding bands for the next generation, celebrate anniversaries by redesigning original wedding band sets, or repurpose wedding sets after divorce or loss of a partner or spouse. Create Bespoke Jewelry with us by clicking here...

We understand the importance of meaningful jewelry and are honored to participate in the important stages of your life. Our team at Spencer and Kuehn will treat your jewelry with the utmost respect and care, ensuring that your precious memories and emotions are preserved.

If you're ready to discuss design possibilities, visit us at our Morgantown location or send images attached in our custom design form. Schedule an appointment with our GIA-certified experts for comprehensive in-house jewelry appraisals and gold buying services. Whether you're interested in selling gold or turning your old gold and gemstones into a unique design, Spencer and Kuehn is here to assist you every step of the way.

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✨ 14k yellow gold ladies bracelet with buckle style horseshoe closure. Onyx accents. 7.5" length - VALUE $1,750 NOW ON SALE @ 60% off for $700!     

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You can watch on the following platforms:

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